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Why You Need Social Media!

The world of social media largely integrates the concept of communication and interactivity. If a company can make use of people who are effective in communicating their brand and message to their target market, they can definitely succeed using social media.​ That's why you partner with Mark Media!
Here are the Top 4 reasons you need social media! 
Your target audience lives there!

The people you want to reach, try to influence, are active on social media right now! 80% of mobile smart phone data traffic is from people who are on Facebook. People are more hyper-connected than they have ever been in human history.

The trend arrow is only moving one way and that is up. More people are signing up every second. Social media has become the new global town square. You can shop, meet up with friends, listen to music or play games.

You name it you pretty much can do it there.


Use social media correctly and the possibilities are endless.  Social media isn’t a broadcast communications channel, yet many treat it like one. It’s a massive engagement opportunity. There is no place like it. You have to be present on social media, and if you can't, then you must entrust your community to some one with the necessary skills to manage it. Social media is a conversation where you can talk, but you also have to listen and engage. 

Digital word of
mouth sharing!

People talk about your business online. Are you answering their questions, concerns and criticisms? They talk to each other about the things they care about, and who or what matters most to them. You need to be part of that conversation! Word of mouth personal endorsements are the most effective form of marketing!


All businesses run on repeat buyers and social media is a great way to make sure that they come back. Studies show consumers are more likely to do business with companies they follow on social media.