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Why Outsource Social Media?


Cost: Employees Cost Too Much

$30,000 to $60,000 a year? Hiring a full-time employee costs a lot more than it seems. There are payroll taxes, health benefits, equipment needs, office space, training, paid time-off. . . and could that salary be more wisely spent elsewhere?

Now, how big is your budget for marketing? Do you have enough for an effective social media marketing campaign after paying out that salary? Probably not, which is why the smart move is to outsource at a fraction of that cost!

People: Agencies Have More Brain Power


Hiring an agency is like hiring a team of people for the price of one. Most agencies are made up of designers + illustrators, strategists, copywriters, bloggers, social enthusiasts, PR representatives, web developers; all of whom live their own lives and have their own experiences that they bring to the table. So when they’re all included in the social strategy meetings or the brainstorm session you can rest assured that your campaign strategy will be looked at from every angle.

Oh. . . and what happens when your in-house person is out on vacation (or worst, sick)? . . . I'll tell you: questions aren’t answered, fans aren’t updated, campaigns aren’t being managed, and etc. This is no longer a concern with Mark Media.